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Baranyi Nikolett and Samu Aliz and Kocsubé Sándor and Szekeres András and Kredics László and Vágvölgyi Csaba and Manikandan Palanisami and Varga János: Molecular identification and genetic variability of aspergillus isolates came from keratitis cases from India. [Teaching Resource]

Baranyi Nikolett and berki Adrienn and Tóth Beáta and Török Orsolya and Kótai Éva and Varga János: Potenciális aflatoxin termelő aspergillus flavus izolátumok azonosítása hazai búzán. [Teaching Resource]

Bohus G. and Benkő Mária and Ábrahám N. and Dékány Imre: Plasmonic coupling in lysozyme-gold nanodispersions and on hybrid films. [Teaching Resource]

Borbély Emőke and Horváth János and Furdan Szabina and Fűr Gabriella and Szögi Titanilla and Bozsó Zsolt and Penke Botond and Fülöp Lívia: Intracerebroventricular and intrahippocampal administration of the synthetic Aβ1-42 to the rat brain : connection of dendritic spine density and spatial memory. [Teaching Resource]

Borsos Barbara Nikolett and Kovács Dávid and Boros Imre Miklós: Histone acetylation by ATAC complex regulates steroid hormone biosynthesis. [Teaching Resource]

Brunner Szilvia and Vashegyi Ágnes and Pető Andrea and Mesterházy Ákos and Erdei László: Effects of Fusarium strains of different aggressivity on macroelement composition in kernels of maize genotypes. [Teaching Resource]

Cherepanov Maria and Kiss Loránd and Fülöp Ferenc: Synthesis of novel highly functionalized cyclic β-amino acids. [Teaching Resource]

Csiszár Jolán and Horváth Edit and Váry Zsolt and Gallé Ágnes and Szepesi Ágnes and Brunner Szilvia and Tari Irma: Role of glutathione transferases in the hardening effect of salicylic acid in tomato. [Teaching Resource]

Csütörtöki Renáta and Szatmári István and Koch Andreas and Heydenreich Matthias and Starke Ines and Kleinpeter Erich and Fülöp Ferenc: Syntheses and conformational analyses of new naphth[1,2-e][1,3]oxazino[3,2-c]quinazolin-13-ones. [Teaching Resource]

Draskovits Gábor and Fehér Tamás and Pósfai György: Maintenance energy requirement and genetic adaptation of streamlined-genome Escherichia coli. [Teaching Resource]

Dudás László and Erdélyi Miklós and Sinkó József and Gajdátsy Gábor and Szabó Gábor: Line-scanning optical tomographic microscope. [Teaching Resource]

Fazekas Barbara and Polyánka Hilda and Bebes Attila and Kinyó Ágnes and Tax Gábor and Nagy Ferenc and Kemény Lajos and Ádám Éva and Széll Márta: Constitutive Photomorphogenic Protein is involved in the UVB-induced cellular response of human keratinocytes. [Teaching Resource]

Fehér M. and Manczinger L. and Körmöczi L. and Sajben-Nagy E. and Vágvölgyi Csaba: Isolation and ecophysiology of endophytic fungi from Ambrosia artemisiifolia. [Teaching Resource]

Grézal Gábor and Boros Imre Miklós: Drosophila oogenesis in the absence of Trimethylguanosine synthase TGS1 in germline. [Teaching Resource]

Gulyás Ágnes and Kiss Márton: Economic value of trees from the point of view of urban climate : case study from Szeged. [Teaching Resource]

Gál Norbert and Farsang Andrea: Interactions between soil structure and excess water formation on chernozem soils. [Teaching Resource]

Hajdu Kata and Németh Zoltán and Nagy Krisztina and Váró György and Magrez Arnaud and Horváth Endre and Forró László and Hernádi Klára and Nagy László: Light energy conversion by photosynthetic reaction center linked specically to carbon nanotubes. [Teaching Resource]

Hajdu Zsanett and Csupor Dezső and Forgó Péter and Hohmann Judit: Phytochemical investigation of Heliopsis helianthoides, a North American traditional medicinal plant. [Teaching Resource]

Halász János and Bangó Adrienn and Hannus István: The role of Pt and Rh nanoparticles in the hydrogenation of unsaturated nitriles. [Teaching Resource]

Hohmann Judit and Hajdú Zsuzsanna and Orbán-Gyapai Orsolya and Martins Ana and Máthé Imre and Forgó Péter: Flavonoids with xanthine oxidase inhibitory activity isolated by guidance of bioassay from Artemisia asiatica Nakai. [Teaching Resource]

Horváth Edit and Váry Zsolt and Brunner Szilvia and Gallé Ágnes and Gémes Katalin and Tari Irma and Csiszár Jolán: Hardening effect of salicylic acid : role of glutathione transferases in the improved stress tolerance. [Teaching Resource]

Horváth Ádám and Pető Zoltán and Bajczi Adrienn and Ábrahám Dóra and Vágvölgyi Csaba and Somogyvári Ferenc: Detection and differentiation of the eukaryotic and prokaryotic pathogens. [Teaching Resource]

Horváth Ádám and Pető Zoltán and Vágvölgyi Csaba and Somogyvári Ferenc: Differentiation of the most common pathogens : causing sepsis. [Teaching Resource]

Ivaskó Lívia and Lengyel Zsuzsanna and Komlósi Boglárka: Human-specific abilities underlying the telling and interpretation of stories, narratives and actions. [Teaching Resource]

Kiss B. and Vass Cs. and Sipos Áron and Farkas B. and Hanyecz I. and Ujhelyi F. and Dombi Péter and Osvay Károly: Grating fabrication in dielectric coatings by TWIN-LIBWE. [Teaching Resource]

Kiss Sándor and Papp Márton: The relationship between gas content and pressure gradient in thermal wells. [Teaching Resource]

Kocsis Péter Balázs and Vanya Melinda and Janaky M. and Facskó Andrea: Early detection of retinal ganglion cell damage in glaucoma and ocular hypertensive patients. [Teaching Resource]

Kovács Laura and Karácsony Zoltán and Fekete Bernadett and Virágh Máté and Hamari Zsuzsanna and Vágvölgyi Csaba and Galgóczy László: Examination of antimicrobial effect of Neosartorya fischeri Antifungal Protein (NFAP) on an NFAP-producing Aspergillus nidulans strain. [Teaching Resource]

Kékesi G. and Petrovszki Zita and Horváth G. and Benedek G. and Kéri Szabolcs: Gender-specific differences in cognitive performance in two memory tests. [Teaching Resource]

Kőkuti Zoltán and Gruijthuijsen K. van and Jenei M. and Czirják Attila and Kokavecz J. and Danyi A. and Ailer P. and Palkovics L. and Völker A. C. and Szabó G.: High-frequency rheology of nonlinear silicone fluids. [Teaching Resource]

Lepránné Mezei Zsófia: Pathophysiological aspects of red blood cell disorders. [Note, textbook]

Magyar Melinda and Ivanov Levente and Hajdu Kata and Hernádi Klára and Szabó Tibor and Nagy László: Hydrogen peroxide biosensor based on carbon nanotube/horseradish peroxidase bionanocomposite. [Teaching Resource]

Migh Ede and Gombos Rita and Udvardy Andor and Molnár Imre and Mihály József: Identification of the molecular interaction partners of the formin dDAAM. [Teaching Resource]

Mózes Emese and Datki Zsolt and Penke Botond and Borbély Emőke and Horváth János and Fülöp Lívia: Novel method for in vivo 3D monitoring of the hippocampal neurodegeneration in sleep deprived hairless mice. [Teaching Resource]

Nonn Melinda and Kiss Loránd and Fülöp Ferenc: Stereo- and regioselective synthesis of fluorinated cispentacins. [Teaching Resource]

Németh K. and Kovács L. and Réti B. and Dugár Zs. and Belina K. and Hernádi Klára: Polymer reinforcement with SiO2/MgO coated multiwall carbon nanotubes. [Teaching Resource]

Németh K. and Kovács L. and Réti B. and Németh Zoltán and Pósa M. and Belina K. and Hernádi Klára: Reinforcement of polymers with SiO2 /MgO coated MWCNTs. [Teaching Resource]

Páhi Zoltán Gábor and Pankotai Tibor and Borsos Barbara Nikolett and Boros Imre Miklós: TAF10 proteins indicate structural and functional links between histone acetyltransferase and basal transcription factor complexes. [Teaching Resource]

Pápa Z. and Budai J. and Hanyecz I. and Csontos J. and Tóth Z.: Depolarization correction method for ellipsometric measurements of large grain zinc-oxide films. [Teaching Resource]

Roósz Balázs and Körtvélyesi Tamás and Dékány Imre: Studies on the interaction of mycotoxins and macrocycles by molecular modelling. [Teaching Resource]

Roósz Balázs and Körtvélyesi Tamás and Dékány Imre: Studies on the interaction of mycotoxins and macrocycles by molecular modelling. [Teaching Resource]

Roósz Balázs and Majzik Andrea and Benkő Mária and Körtvélyesi Tamás and Dékány Imre: The calculation of host-guest interactions with semiempirical, and adsorption isotherms of biosorbents with consecutive docking methods. [Teaching Resource]

Sebők Dániel and Dékány Imre: Optical properties and sensorial application of surface modified zinc peroxide thin layers. [Teaching Resource]

Sike Ádám and Nagy Enikő É. and Boros Imre M.: Expression of ABCB1 transporters is regulated by several different mechanisms in drug-resistant rat hepatoma cells. [Teaching Resource]

Sipos Áron and Szalai Anikó and Csete Mária: Integrated lithography to prepare arrays of rounded nano-objects. [Teaching Resource]

Spengler Gabriella and Handzlik Jadwiga and Serly Julianna and Kieć-Kononowicz Katarzyna and Amaral Leonard and Molnár József: New hydantoin derivatives: promising candidates for anticancer therapy. [Teaching Resource]

Spengler Gabriella and Rodrigues Liliana and Martins Marta and McCusker Matthew and Santos Costa Sofia and Ntokou Eleni and Martins Ana and Szabó Ágnes Míra and Horváth Ádám and Varga Zoltán Gábor and Fanning Séamus and Molnár József and Amaral Leonard: Stress response and resistance of Salmonella enterica serotype Enteritidis to the efflux pump inhibitor neuroleptic drug thioridazine. [Teaching Resource]

Szabó A. and Mohácsi Árpád and Tuboly E. and Erős Gábor and Boros M. and Szabó G.: Portable photoacoustic methane sensor for medical research. [Teaching Resource]

Szabó Anna and Mohácsi Árpád and Novák Péter and Aladzic Daniela and Turzó Kinga and Rakonczay Zoltán and Erős Gábor and Boros Mihály and Nagy Katalin and Szabó Gábor: Diode laser based photoacoustic gas measuring instruments intended for medical research. [Teaching Resource]

Szabó Csanád and Kemény Lajos and Csabai Márta: Dermatológusok, bőrgyógyászati ápolók és pácienseik orvos-beteg együttműködéssel kapcsolatos attitűdjei és reprezentációi. [Teaching Resource]

Szabó Kornélia and Tax Gábor and Erdei Lilla and Bolla Beáta Szilvia and Urbán Edit and Kemény Lajos: Identification of negative regulatory elements counteracting the Propionibacterium acnes-induced signaling pathways in in vitro cultured immortalized keratinocytes. [Teaching Resource]

Szabó Nikoletta and Ajduković Jovana and Ignáth Imre and Sakač Marija and Djurendić Evgenija and Gardi János and Mahmoud Gábor and Jovanović-Šanta Suzana and Penov Gaši Katarina and Szécsi Mihály: Inhibition of 17α-Hydroxylase-C17,20-Lyase (P45017α) by steroidal picoline and picolinylidene compounds. [Teaching Resource]

Szabó Tibor and Magyar Melinda and Hajdu Kata and Bencsik Gábor and Endrődi Balázs and Visy Csaba and Horváth Endre and Magrez Arnaud and Hernádi Klára and Forró László and Nagy László: Photocurrents generated by photosynthetic reaction center protein/bio-nanocomposite systems. [Teaching Resource]

Szalai Anikó and Csapó Edit and Sipos Áron and Csete Mária and Tóth László and Dékény Imre: Coupled plasmonic resonances on biofunctionalized silver nanoparticle-aggregates. [Teaching Resource]

Szigeti Gyöngyi and Kocsubé Sándor and Varga János: Párosodási típus gének előfordulása fekete Aspergillus törzsekben. [Teaching Resource]

Szécsényi Krisztina: Word-order and scope in finite embedded non-argument clauses. [Teaching Resource]

Sáfrány-Fark Árpád and Petrovszki Zita and Kékesi G. and Liszli P. and Benedek G. and Nagy K. and Horváth G.: Motor nerve sensitivity changes caused by N-arachidonoyl-dopamine and capsaicin in rats. [Teaching Resource]

Tax Gábor and Bolla Beáta Szilvia and Erdei Lilla and Urbán Edit and Kemény Lajos and Szabó Kornélia: Strain and dose specific effect of various Propionibacterium acnes strains on the cellular functions of HPV-KER cells. [Teaching Resource]

Tengölics Roland and Mészáros Lívia and Doffkay Zsolt and Győri Edit and Orosz János and Kovács Kornél and Rákhely Gábor: Connection between the membrane electron transport system and Hyn hydrogenase in purple sulfur bacterium, Thiocapsa roseopersicina BBS. [Teaching Resource]

Terzin Viktória and Czelecz Judit and Szabó Ildikó and Wittmann Tibor and Czakó László: The first hereditary pancreatitis family in Hungary. [Teaching Resource]

Tiszlavicz Zoltán and Gácser Attila and Németh Tibor and Seprényi György and Mándi Yvette: Humán defenzinek termelődése opportunista Candida albicans, C. krusei, C. tropicalis és C. parapsilosis hatására. [Teaching Resource]

Tuboly G. and Petrovszki Zita and Kékesi G. and Liszli P. and Vécsei László and Horváth G.: Motor function changes after centrally or peripherally administered kynurenic acid. [Teaching Resource]

Tóth N. and Filus Z. and Bozóki Z.: Permeation analysis in porous rocks based on a photoacoustic system. [Teaching Resource]

Tóth Z. and Hanyecz I. and Gárdián A. and Budai J. and Csontos J. and Pápa Z. and Füle M.: Ellipsometric analysis of KrF laser textured silicon surfaces. [Teaching Resource]

Ulakcsai Zsófia and Vanya Melinda and Matuz Mária and Benkő Ria and Soós Gyöngyvér and Bártfai György: Regional use of emergency contraceptive pills (ECP) over a four-year period. [Teaching Resource]

Vanya Melinda and Bencsik Krisztina and Nyári Tibor and Bártfai György: Impact of disease modifying drugs (DMD) on pregnancy outcomes in women with multiple sclerosis. [Teaching Resource]

Vanya Melinda and Árva-Nagy Nóra and Szok Délia and Bártfai György: Effects of antiepileptic therapy in women during pregnancy : a retrospective case-controlled study. [Teaching Resource]

Vanya Melinda and Árva-Nagy Nóra and Szok Délia and Bártfai György: The association between congenital malformations and second generation antiepileptic drugs- retrospective case-controlled study in a Hungarian population. [Teaching Resource]

Vasas Andrea and Forgó Péter and Sulyok Edvárd and Nádasdi Zsófia and Zana Annamária and Hohmann Judit: New myrsinane-related diterpenes from Euphorbia falcata. [Teaching Resource]

Vinkó József and Zheng W. and Pandey S. B. and Quimby R. and Romadan A. and Roy R. and Takáts K. and Chatzopoulos E. and Wheeler J. C. and Yuan F. and Akerlof C. and Pooley D.: SN 2010kd - a superluminous pair-instability Supernova? [Teaching Resource]

Váradi Györgyi and Batta Gyula and Galgóczy László and Kele Zoltán and Tóth Gábor K.: Synthesis of PAF, an antifungal protein from Penicillium chrysogenum by native chemical ligation. [Teaching Resource]

Ábrahám N. and Csapó Edit and Dékány Imre: Interaction of biofunctionalized gold nanoparticles with model lipid membranes. [Teaching Resource]

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