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Bajmócy, Zoltán: Introduction to local economic development : lecture. (2019) [Note, textbook]

Benke, János Marcell: Probability : handout. (2020) [Note, textbook]

Béla-Csovcsics, Andrea and Kéri, Anita: Market research workbook. (2018) [Teaching Resource]

Dormán, Miklós: Linear algebra. (2019) [Note, textbook]

Gál, József and Illés, Béla: Logistics - quality - customers. (2020) [Note, textbook]

Gébert, Judit: How to evaluate environmental policies? (2018) [Teaching Resource]

Kiss, Gábor Dávid: Complexities on the capital market. (2019) [Note, textbook]

Kiss, Gábor Dávid: European economic and monetary union. (2018) [Note, textbook]

Kiss, Gábor Dávid: International financial management. (2020) [Note, textbook]

Kiss, Gábor Dávid: Introduction to finance. (2018) [Note, textbook]

Kosztopulosz, Andreász: Corporate finance. (2018) [Other]

Kosztopulosz, Andreász: Securities on capital markets : a reader. (2019) [Other]

Kovács, Péter and Kuruczleki, Éva: Statistics I. : learning guide. (2018) [Note, textbook]

Kovács, Péter and Kuruczleki, Éva: Statistics II. : learning guide. (2019) [Note, textbook]

Kovács, Zsuzsanna: Financial accounting : handout. (2018) [Teaching Resource]

Kovács, Zsuzsanna: Introduction to accounting : handout. (2020) [Teaching Resource]

Kuruczleki, Éva and Ligeti, Csák: Economic and social statistics. (2020) [Note, textbook]

Megyeri, Eszter: Operations management : handout. (2021) [Teaching Resource]

Málovics, György: Introduction to environmental economics : lecture notes. (2018) [Note, textbook]

Málovics, Éva: Organizational behavior : textbook. (2019) [Note, textbook]

Nagy, Benedek: International economics : final exam study companion. (2019) [Teaching Resource]

Nagy, Benedek: Macroeconomics : final exam study companion. (2019) [Teaching Resource]

Nagy, Benedek: Microeconomics : final exam study companion for 60A201 fall 2017-18. (2018) [Teaching Resource]

Pelle, Anita: Collection of texts (1961-2020) concerning European Economic and Monetary Union. (2020) [Note, textbook]

Pusztai, Bertalan: Living abroad, reflecting the intercultural experiences. (2019) [Note, textbook]

Rácz, Lajos: The birth of the world economy system. (2020) [Note, textbook]

Szabó, László Imre: Practice sheets for calculus. (2018) [Note, textbook]

Szanyi, Miklós: Globalization - challenges for economic policy. (2021) [Note, textbook]

Udvari, Beáta: Project Management in the EU. (2018) [Note, textbook]

Udvari, Beáta: The EU in the global economy. (2018) [Guide]

Vas, Zsófia: Innovation in practice. (2019) [Note, textbook]

Vinkó, Tamás: Business informatics : handout. (2020) [Teaching Resource]

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