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Angel Stefan-Oliver: The psychology behind decision making on the management of innovation projects. (2012) [Teaching Resource]

Antal Elvira and Csendes Tibor: Preprocessing of unconstrained nonlinear optimization problems by symbolic computation techniques. (2012) [Presentation]

Ayadi Viktor: On the superintegrability of the rational Ruijsenaars-Schneider-van Diejen models. (2012) [Presentation]

Balogh József: Recent progress in bootstrap percolation. (2012) [Presentation]

Beszédes Sándor and Szabó Gábor and Hodúr Cecília: Optimisation of microwave conditioning process for enhanced sludge valorisation. (2012) [Presentation]

Bibok Károly: A lexical-constructional treatment of the Russian locative alternation. (2012) [Note, textbook]

Bocsik Alexandra and Kürti Levente and Gáspár Róbert and Kápolna Emese and Vastag Mónika and Veszelka Szilvia and Deli Mária A. and Szabó-Révész Piroska: Nasal delivery of meloxicam nanoparticles. (2012) [Presentation]

Boldrighini Carlo: Exploding solutions of hydrodynamic equations in computer simulations. (2012) [Presentation]

Bolla Marianna: Reproducing kernels and correspondence matrices. (2012) [Presentation]

Bolton James R. and Oppenlaender Thomas: Industrial applications of advanced oxidation technologies. (2012) [Presentation]

Bolton James R. and Oppenlaender Thomas: Introduction to advanced oxidation processes (AOPs) and photochemical based AOPs. (2012) [Presentation]

Bolton James R. and Oppenlaender Thomas: Lecture 3. : UV-based advanced oxidation technologies : chemistry. (2012) [Presentation]

Bone Emese von: The Roman family court (iudicium domesticum) compared to the French 'tribunal de familie' in the first French Republic and its historical development. (2012) [Teaching Resource]

Demeter Ildikó and Nagy Károly and Gellért Levente and Vécsei László and Fülöp Ferenc and Toldi József: A novel kynurenic acid analog (SZR104) inhibits pentylenetetrazole-induced epileptiform seizures : an electrophysiological study - special issue related to Kynurenine. (2012) [Note, textbook]

Dudás László and Gajdátsy Gábor and Sinkó József and Erdélyi Miklós and Szabó Gábor: Correction of error motion in a line-scanning tomographic optical microscope. (2012) [Teaching Resource]

Dusek Tamás and Lukovics Miklós: Analysis the economic impact of the Budapest airport on the local economy. (2012) [Presentation]

Dékány Imre: A nanotechnológia orvosi alkalmazásai. (2012) [Presentation]

Ercsey Zsolt and Kovács T. and Kovács Z.: Workforce synthesis by P-graph method. (2012) [Presentation]

Erdős László: Universality for random matrices and log gases. (2012) [Presentation]

Fabula Szabolcs: Body politics and urban spaces : disabled people’s encounter with and resistance to disabling urban environments in Hungary. (2012) [Presentation]

Farkas Gergely: Management orientations in family and non-family businesses. (2012) [Presentation]

Fenyvesi Anna and Forrás Gabriella: Language attitudes to L1 vs. FL : minority Hungarian and Hungary Hungarian students’ language attitudes towards Hungarian vs. English. (2012) [Presentation]

Gulyás Ágnes and Kiss Márton and Unger János: Ökosystemleistungen der Bäumen in der Stadt von der klimatischen Hinsicht, Szeged, Ungarn. (2012) [Teaching Resource]

Győri Zsolt: Az élet érzéke. (2012) [Presentation]

Hantos Norbert and Balázs Péter and Palágyi Kálmán: Solving binary tomography from morphological skeleton via optimization. (2012) [Presentation]

Hategan Lidia: Molecular genetic diagnostics in long QT syndrome. (2012) [Presentation]

Hegedűs Péter: A probabilistic quality model for C# : an industrial case study. (2012) [Presentation]

Hegedűs Veronika and Dékány Éva: Across the river and into the syntactic trees. (2012) [Note, textbook]

Hodován Renáta: The security history of the WebKit browser engine. (2012) [Presentation]

Horváth Tamás: Frequent connected subgraph mining. (2012) [Presentation]

Horváth Tamás: Learning in logic. (2012) [Presentation]

Horváth Zsolt and Gergely Árpád László: Black hole tidal charge constrained by strong gravitational lensing. (2012) [Note, textbook]

Imreh Csanád: Online klaszterezési algoritmusok. (2012) [Teaching Resource]

Kazár Klára: Research of youngsters’ consumption and attitudes on real estate market. (2012) [Presentation]

Kincses-Nagy Éva and Ótott-Kovács Eszter: On the use of the accusative case in the passive clauses. (2012) [Presentation]

Kleinebudde Peter: Solid dispersions : types, production, characterization. (2012) [Presentation]

Kleinebudde Peter: Solid dispersions : types, production, characterization [2.]. (2012) [Presentation]

Kleinebudde Peter: Solid dispersions : types, production, characterization [3.]. (2012) [Presentation]

Kleinebudde Peter: Solid dispersions : types, production, characterization [4.]. (2012) [Presentation]

Kovács Etelka: Anaerobic fermentation of protein-rich substrates. (2012) [Presentation]

Kürti Levente: Systemic delivery of meloxicam nanoparticles via the nasal route. (2012) [Presentation]

Ludwig Monika: Valuations on convex bodies and Sobolev spaces. (2012) [Presentation]

Lázár Nóra Kata: The changing role of terrorist organizations in international relations in the 21st century. (2012) [Presentation]

Lévai Balázs László: Verified localization of trajectories with prescribed behaviour in the forced damped pendulum. (2012) [Presentation]

Lövei Gábor L.: Scientific communication and publishing : course notes. (2012) [Teaching Resource]

Maczelka Csaba: Traveller’s dialogues and early modern utopia. (2012) [Teaching Resource]

Major Péter: On the supremum of partial sums of independent random variables. (2012) [Presentation]

Martyin Zita: Tourism and local development : the case of Mórahalom. (2012) [Presentation]

Nagy Nikoletta and Farkas Katalin and Kinyó Ágnes and Németh István B. and Kis Erika and Varga János and Bata Zsuzsanna and Kemény Lajos and Széll Márta: A novel missense mutation of the CYLD gene identified in a Hungarian family with Brooke-Spiegler syndrome. (2012) [Note, textbook]

Nádasdi Péter: Minimalist research of prenominal restricted finite relative constructions with person marking morphemes in Hungarian. (2012) [Presentation]

Németh József: Online signature feature extraction from video. (2012) [Presentation]

Oppenlaender Thomas: Development of modern mercury-free excilamps for water and air treatment and applications in photochemical technology. (2012) [Presentation]

Oppenlaender Thomas and Bolton James R.: Kompatibilitätsmodus : Lecture 2. (2012) [Presentation]

Pallagi Petra and Singh Anurag Kumar and Hegyi Péter and Venglovecz Viktória and Engelhardt Regina and Riederer Brigitte and Takács Tamás and Wittmann Tibor and Seidler Ursula and Rakonczay Zoltán: Pancreatic ductal fluid and HCO3- secretion is reduced in the absence of Na+/H+ exchanger regulatory factor-1 in mice. (2012) [Presentation]

Pelle Anita: Horizon 2020 : kutatás-fejlesztés-innováció az európai gazdaság és társadalom szolgálatában. (2012) [Presentation]

Rákosi György: Reduplicating particles in Hungarian. (2012) [Presentation]

Savanya Péter: A társadalmi tőke, mint endogén erőforrás : területi tőke és a régiók gazdasági fejlődése. (2012) [Presentation]

Schneider Rolf: Diametric completions. (2012) [Presentation]

Secka Marion: Is an ideal CSR communication possible? : the case of Austria. (2012) [Presentation]

Sgall Jiří: First fit and best fit bin packing : a new analysis. (2012) [Presentation]

Szepesvári Csaba: Online-to-confidence-set conversions and application to sparse stochastic bandits. (2012) [Presentation]

Szilassi Péter and Bata Teodóra and Leeuwen B. Van and Blanka Viktória and Molnár Zsolt and Czúcz Béla: Naturalness analyses of Hungarian landscapes by Corine Land cover data and Natural Capital Index. (2012) [Presentation]

Szirbucz Tamás: Ideas for improving efficiency of procedural abstraction. (2012) [Presentation]

Szász Domokos: My collaboration with András : mathematical and human excerpts. (2012) [Presentation]

Tasi Tamás S. and Balázs Péter: Extracting geometrical features of discrete images from their projections. (2012) [Presentation]

Tessényi Judit and Ábrahám Zsolt: Slot machines and online gambling, legal and illegal gambling actors in Hungary. (2012) [Presentation]

Turcu Rodica: X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy of biocompatible polymer based magnetic nanostructures with controlled functionality. (2012) [Presentation]

Tímár Ádám: Comparison of quenched and annealed invariance principles for random conductance model. (2012) [Presentation]

Tóth Bálint: Relaxed sector condition and random walk in divergence free random drift field. (2012) [Presentation]

Tóthné Téglás Tünde: Perceived competency requirements. (2012) [Presentation]

Vajda Beáta: Measuring the quality of healthcare services. (2012) [Presentation]

Vanya Melinda and Orvos Hajnalka and Bártfai György: Perinatal outcome at maternal age 40 years and older-case-control analysis in Southern Hungary. (2012) [Presentation]

Varga László: A novel algorithm for multivalued discrete tomography. (2012) [Presentation]

Varga László and Balázs Péter and Nagy Antal: An energy minimization reconstruction algorithm for multivalued discrete tomography. (2012) [Presentation]

Vedrédi Katalin: Public space developments of Szeged. (2012) [Presentation]

Vekerdy Zoltán: Earth observation in water resources management : a short review of the past, present and future. (2012) [Presentation]

Volford Anita Adrienn: The efficiency of the public procurement legal framework. (2012) [Presentation]

Vékás L.: Magnetic nanoparticles and clusters : from highly stable magnetic nanofluids to magnetoresponsive nanocomposites. (2012) [Presentation]

Wojnárovits László: Izotóptechnika alkalmazása a környezetvédelemben : elméleti áttekintés. (2012) [Presentation]

Wunsch Cornelia: Neo-Babylonian real estate sale and clear title procedure. (2012) [Presentation]

Ács Attila: Psychological aspects of investment decisions. (2012) [Presentation]

Ágoston István and Almási Róbert and Aradán Attiláné and Betlehem József and Bogner Péter and Boncz Imre and Borján Eszter and Deák Gyuláné and Dér Anikó and Döbrönte Zoltán and Fehér Rózsa and Fullér Noémi and Fusz Katalin and Füzesi Zsuzsanna and Gál Nikolett: Textbook of nursing science. (2012) [Note, textbook]

Ótott-Kovács Eszter: Syntactic passive structures in old Turkic. (2012) [Presentation]

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