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Boda Krisztina: Biostatistics. (2011) [Presentation]

Deák Magdolna: Rheumatoid arthritis with multiple rare extra-articular manifestations. (2011) [Presentation]

Gyovai Ágnes and Dombi Józsefné: Natural phenomena in music. (2011) [Note, textbook]

Hocza Ágnes: Rope skipping. (2011) [Note, textbook]

Jójárt Péter and Börzsönyi Á. and Borchers B. and Steinmeyer G. and Osvay Károly: Agile high-resolution linear interferometric method for carrier-envelope phase measurement. (2011) [Note, textbook]

Kerekes Anasztázia: Challenges and opportunities in Russian Chinese relations. (2011) [Presentation]

Maletti Andreas: Tree transducers in machine translation. (2011) [Presentation]

Mezősi Gábor and Bata Teodóra: Further GIS solution for the better definition of geographical/landscape boundaries. (2011) [Presentation]

Nyári Tibor: Mathematical and statistical modelling in medicine. (2011) [Presentation]

Rácz Ildikó: Movement programs. (2011) [Note, textbook]

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