Items where Author is " Polyánka Hilda"

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Polyánka Hilda and Szabó Kornélia and Tax Gábor and Erdei Lilla and Göblös Anikó and Tubak Vilmos and Újfaludi Zsuzsanna and Boros Imre and Bata Zsuzsanna and Kemény Lajos and Széll Márta: Characterization of UV-B induced cellular processes in a keratinocyte cell line (HPV-KER) immortalized with the HPV-E6 oncogene. [Teaching Resource]

Fazekas Barbara and Polyánka Hilda and Bebes Attila and Kinyó Ágnes and Tax Gábor and Nagy Ferenc and Kemény Lajos and Ádám Éva and Széll Márta: Constitutive Photomorphogenic Protein is involved in the UVB-induced cellular response of human keratinocytes. [Teaching Resource]

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