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Varga E. and Juhász G. and Szegedi Viktor and Bozsó Zsolt and Fülöp Lívia and Penke Botond: Abeta (1-42) induces impairment of LTP and spiking rate in the CA1 : role of glutamate reuptake inhibition. [Teaching Resource]

Borbély Emőke and Horváth János and Furdan Szabina and Fűr Gabriella and Szögi Titanilla and Bozsó Zsolt and Penke Botond and Fülöp Lívia: Intracerebroventricular and intrahippocampal administration of the synthetic Aβ1-42 to the rat brain : connection of dendritic spine density and spatial memory. [Teaching Resource]

Mózes Emese and Datki Zsolt and Penke Botond and Borbély Emőke and Horváth János and Fülöp Lívia: Novel method for in vivo 3D monitoring of the hippocampal neurodegeneration in sleep deprived hairless mice. [Teaching Resource]

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