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Sipos Péter: Audits and inspections. (2015) [Note, textbook]

Miglinci Lídia: Clinical trial management. (2015) [Note, textbook]

Kéki Miklós: Duties of sites. (2015) [Note, textbook]

Bende Balázs: Introduction to clinical trials. (2015) [Note, textbook]

Doró Péter: Management of investigational products ; Investigational product management during clinical trials at a site. (2015) [Note, textbook]

Sipos Péter: Patient safety. (2015) [Note, textbook]

Kéki Miklós: Protocol ; Protocol or study plan. (2015) [Note, textbook]

Sipos Péter: The participants of clinical trials ; Members and contributors of a clinical trial project. (2015) [Note, textbook]

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