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Bodai László: Analysis of proteins and protein-protein interactions. (2015) [Presentation]

Bodai László: Detection and isolation of proteins. [Presentation]

Bodai László: Genomics and methods of functional genomics. (2015) [Presentation]

Bodai László: Methods of DNA sequencing. [Presentation]

Bodai László: Methods of analyzing the interactions of proteins and nucleic acids. (2015) [Presentation]

Bodai László: Methods of macromolecule labeling and detection. (2015) [Presentation]

Bodai László: Methods of qualitative and quantitative analysis or RNA. [Presentation]

Bodai László: Microscopy in molecular biology. [Presentation]

Bodai László: Molecular cloning : the basics of recombinant DNA technology. [Presentation]

Bodai László: Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and PCR applications. [Presentation]

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