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Maróti, Zoltán and Kalmár, Tibor: Bioinformatics and data mining in clinical genetic practice. [Presentation]

Széll, Márta: Cancer genetics. [Presentation]

Széll, Márta: Clinical genetics and genomics. [Presentation]

Horváth, Emese: Clinics and diagnostics of chromosomal abnormalities. [Presentation]

Cyto- and molecular genetic methods in the clinical practice. [Presentation]

Nagy, Nikoletta: Dominant and recessive inheritance in the clinical practice. [Presentation]

Nagy, Nikoletta: Gene therapy, artificial chromosome. [Presentation]

Széll, Márta: Genetic and epidemiologic background of infertility. [Presentation]

Horváth, Emese: Genetic counselling : ethical and legal issues, genetic laws. [Presentation]

Horváth, Emese: Genetics of human reproduction : Prenatal genetic screening and diagnostics. [Presentation]

Széll, Márta: Genetics of multifactorial diseases. [Presentation]

Papp, Ferenc: Inborn metabolic diseases : inborn errors of metabolism. [Presentation]

Széll, Márta: Pharmacogenetics, pharmacogenomics. [Presentation]

Széll, Márta: Risk assessment during genetic counseling. [Presentation]

Nagy, Nikoletta: Teratogenesis and teratogens in the clinical practice, dysmorphology. [Presentation]

Nagy, Nikoletta: The clinical significance of the main mechanisms of the epigenetic regulation. [Presentation]

László, Zsuzsanna and Nagy, Nikoletta: The genetics of human reproduction: infertility, preimplantation genetics. [Presentation]

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